Walking Holidays in Snowdonia

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Walking Holidays in Snowdonia

Snowdonia is the most well-known national park in Wales due to the Snowdon Peak which is the tallest mountain in Wales. While the mountain is of course famous, the national park is just as majestic as the mountain that it is named after and with 827 square miles of land within the boundaries of the park which make it the 3rd largest in the United Kingdom, this national park is a walking enthusiasts dream.

Lakeside walks and glorious views from mountain tops, a variety of scenery to explore

Aside from the Snowdon peak, the area is ideal for those who prefer scenic walks that aren’t too strenuous and if you have visited the Lake District before, you will definitely find plenty to your taste in Snowdonia. Beddgelert and Llanrwst are two great places to walk for some diverse scenery. The Aberglaslyn Pass is a route worth exploring. The bridge here is the subject of folklore that says it was built by the Devil who was tricked by Black Robin the Magician and didn’t receive the payment of the first human soul to cross the bridge for his efforts. The old West Highland Railway passes through the area too, giving it a feel of diversity and rough beauty. Cwm Idwal is another area suitable for families or those looking for a walk closer to the coast, while maintaining the views of the mountains which surround you. The lake is said to have been named by Prince Owain of Gwynedd after his son who was drowned by the noble assigned by his father to protect him.

Holiday homes and cottages in the best locations - walking opportunities from your doorstep

Up on the mountainside the ”Miners’ Track” is as its name suggests, follows a historic route used by the Brittania Copper Mine up on the Mountain to transport copper down the mountainside. This may be a bit of a challenge with the kids but if you really want to experience the atmosphere of the mountain to its fullest without going right to the top, the Miners’ Track is the best way to take in the glorious scenery. At 8km it will take most of the day to do due to the variety of different terrain to ascend and descend but it is a very rewarding walk.  The Rhyd Ddu Path is perhaps the most peaceful of the routes to the top of Snowdon and challenges walkers with narrow and steep paths which are rewarded with lovely views of Moel Hebog and the Nantlle Hills. Bangor is a small city just North of the national park and maintains a quiet and peaceful atmosphere which is ideal if you want to have the option of exploring up near to Anglesey or round to the Colwyn bay. Porthmadog is a small seaside village that is well-located in relation to Snowdonia if the routes surrounding the Snowdonia peak interest you. Alternatively, Barmouth in the south of the region is another great option if you want to explore the flatter south of the national park. 

More than one mountain to climb in the Snowdonia National Park

However, the routes on Snowdon aren’t the only ones in the region that are worth tackling, as the region is filled with other smaller mountains and hills too. Crimpiau is one of the minor summits of Snodonia and you can easily hike here from Capel Curig which is around 5 miles in total. From Capel Curig you can hike to Llyn Crafnant, a lake at the bottom of the slopes of the Carneddau mountains and Gwydir Forest. Listed as one of the most outstanding views in the Snowdonia national park, the lake really is a must-see during your stay in the Snowdonia region.  Blaenau-ffestiniog is an excellent location for your holiday in Snowdonia due to its central location in the park, keeping journeys to the start of day walks under an hour. Owing to its history as a mining town, staying in Blaenau-ffestiniog will give you an authentic feel as many of the properties are old mining cottages, the perfect location for your holiday home.


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