Walking Holidays in the Peak District

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Walking Holidays in the Peak District

The Peak District in Derbyshire is truly English countryside at its finest, offering visitors the Pennines, Northern Derbyshire and other parts of Staffordshire and Yorkshire to explore too. As the 5th largest national park in the UK covering 555 square miles, a holiday home in the Peak District is ideal for walkers who are less experienced or prefer less challenging hiking. More open than other walking destinations in the UK with the woodland mostly in the White Peak or lower part of the District, choosing a holiday home or cottage in the right place will give you unspoiled views from your window.

Plan your hikes and don't miss anything in the Peak District - a variety of routes for different walkers

As the Peak District is so well-known as a destination for walking holidays, there are plenty of mapped routes for you to take. Plan your day based on what you would like to see during your hike. The Eyam trail will take you through a number of contrasting areas. See the village of Eyam which is known as the “Plague village.”In the midst of the Black Death in 1665 which affected the whole country, the village quarantined itself to prevent the spead of the disease. A number of anecdotes have emerged from this including the infamous “Ring a ring of roses” nursery rhyme. Along the way you will pass the valley of Abney Clough. The Tissington Trail combines 30 miles of different terrain and paths, meaning that you can choose your own path to follow. Whether you want to do some sightseeing of the old engine shops and workshops or enjoy some pleasant countryside views, Tissington should be on your list. It is also ideal for children too, making it suited to families. Just pick up a map and explore at your leisure in Tissington.

Explore the Pennines from your holiday home or cottage

The Pennine Way offers 268 miles to explore and links the Peak District to the Yorkshire Dales too, making it perfect for those who might be looking to follow onto another walking area after the Peaks and see a bit of continuity. High cup Nick is probably the most famous of the walks to do here and rewards visitors with an amazing view of the Eden Valley which was carved out by retreating glaciers in millenia gone-by. Stop at the Stag Inn in Dufton for a taste of an 18th century pub alongside some hearty food that will help you recover after the hefty walking. High Force nat 22m tall makes up for what other waterfalls in England have in height with sheer beauty. Surrounded by an amphitheatre of woodland which contrasts with the peat-coloured water that flows down it, High Force is a hidden secret that many walkers pass by. If you still want to walk along more of the Pennines, The Limestone Way is a 46 mile route that most would struggle to complete in a single day. If you are staying in the area, the best way to explore it is to organise a number of different trips along the different pathways. Castleton is a town in Derbyshire that holds a number of famous underground attractions, such as the Blue John Cavern. Expect viaducts along the whole way alongside railway paths that carve through the hilly terrain.

Day trips in nearby towns, visit Bakewell and Matlock

To compliment the walking opportunities here, visiting some of the towns here is also highly recommended. Matlock is a cosy town which was brought to significance due to the thermal springs discovered in 1698. Bakewell which will certainly ring a bell due to its tarts which have become a British afternoon favourite. Pop by for some afternoon tea before heading home to your holiday home. The Peak District has more than earned its moniker as a hotspot for hikers and makes for the ideal walking holiday destination. Bring your family, special someone and four-legged friend along and discover an area of contrasts, hilly and forested, dark soiled and green fields and valleys and caves, enough to keep you entertained and leave you longing to return.


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