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Holiday Homes in Malta great for walking

The hidden beautiful trails of Malta

The best time of year to explore and take long walks is right after the scorching summer on Malta when everything’s refreshed from the first fall of rain. That is when the countryside of Malta comes to life in full bloom right on the doorstep of your holiday accommodation. Away from the urbanised parts of Malta there is endless stunning countryside that varies from abundant greenery to the dramatics of its rocky cliffs where the sea crashes against them. While searching for these breathtaking locations there are many mysterious prehistoric sites that you could stumble upon like the caves chapels.

Stop and smell the roses in Gozo

One of the most diverse places to go to is the neighboring island of Gozo. It is filled with tracks and lanes that are interlaced all over the island starting right on the front door step of your holiday home which means that there is a great variety of walking possibilities. A gorgeous hike to take is to Dwejra Bay, from there you can see endless clear blue water and stunning rocky mountains rising from the water as if Antlantica was coming to life. Its walking country is filled with a breathtaking variety of striking wild flowers and herbs which fill the air with their aromatic smell. As well as that Gozo also has magnificent cliff top walks along the Sannap Cliffs and the Gebel Ben Gorg Cliffs with stunning scenic views that lead to the alleyways once used by the Knights of St John and the ancient Wardija Punic Temple. 

There is beauty in simplicity

The most enchanting part of Malta´s hidden countryside is that in the villages, their life still depends on the agricultural and fishing seasons. They are very traditional and just like in the past older men and women will still work in the fields with their families. Surrounded by the modern-day world and all technology it can be a welcome break to be able to enjoy the nature around you and remember how life used to be before in our holiday rentals. Or you could get a holiday home in Xlendi which is right at the edge of a beautiful cove and surrounded by Rocky Mountains that are perfect to explore. Or wonder down and explore the small strip of beach at the bottom.

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