Ski Holidays in Switzerland

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Ski Holidays in Switzerland

Skiing holidays in Switzerland may not have the most peaks out of all the alpine countries, however it has some of the tallest, with a whopping total of 24 peaks over 4,000 metres high! Due to Switzerland's higher altitudes compared to the other alpine countries, the snow is very deep , dry and dense, ideal for skiing. These higher altitudes ensure guaranteed snow all year round in a lot of Switzerland ski holiday resorts, making this one of the few places in Europe where skiing is on offer 365 days of the year and also give skiers magnificent Alpine scenery.

World Famous for its Ski Resorts

Visit some of the world's most famous ski resorts here in Switzerland such as Zermatt and Verbier which are home to a huge range of ski areas suiting skiers of all abilities from beginner to advanced. Switzerland has brilliantly intertwined ski areas making a huge variety of Switzerland ski holiday destinations all accessible from a range of cable cars, ski lifts and ski routes.

Many Great Facilities

Most larger Switzerland ski holiday resorts such as Wengen, offer the visiting tourists much in the way of amenities, hospitality and entertainment as these resorts are structured around small skiing towns and villages which have all that you could wish for from a range of shops to brilliant Apres-ski bars and clubs. Switzerland ski holidays are also famed for their service and facilities, like the countless number of Swiss spas and brilliant Swiss restaurants with only the best of Swiss cuisine on offer!


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