Slovakian holiday homes great for skiing

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Slovakian holiday homes great for skiing

Let it snow in Slovakia

Slovakian ski resorts are very affordable and have something to offer for everyone while staying for a magical experience. One of the biggest ski resorts in Slovakia is Jasná Nízke Tatry in Demänovská Dolina. It has 49kms of marked trails to the north and south of Mount Chopock for you to try and see the wonderful views from. Along with this it has 28 cable cars and lifts so that every part of the mountain is accessible, and you’ll rarely have to wait in any queues. Another great advantage to this area is that after a long days skiing and before you head back to your ski holiday home they serve amazing traditional après-skis from one of the best kitchens including warm hearty soups and Slovak potato dumplings.

However, if you have a thrill seeker in the family who´d like a real challenge then the perfect place to go to is Tatranská Lomnica in Vysoké Tatry. It has the highest and steepest slopes in Slovakia for those who are truly looking for an adrenaline rush with a stunning view as you fly down the snowy slopes at top speeds. While the adrenaline seekers are getting their fill lower down the mountain there is 6 kilometres of easy trails for families and children that still has amazing views of the valleys below as you watch the kids fearlessly fly down and you race to catch up with them, then put the tired-out kids to bed and have a relaxing evening in your ski holiday rental. 

Eat, sleep, ski

If you’re looking for somewhere with a true sense of luxury to not just enjoy the beautiful soft snow but also spoil yourself then Štrbske Pleso is the perfect place. They have night skiing on offer which is a magical experience as you fly down and see all the beautiful lights below you, as well as that they also have 26.5kms of gorgeous cross-country ski trails that you can take that are a perfect afternoon out.

After all the skiing adventures visit one of the lovely wellness hotels, warm up in the exquisite lounge by the fireplace, get a drink from the bar and watch some live music. If you want to go all out then you can wash the days skiing off in their pool, visit the saunas and finally treat yourself in a luxurious spa. Then return to your holiday ski accommodation fully relaxed and ready to cosy up before the next days adventures.


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