Ski Resort Holiday Accommodation Poland

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Ski Resort Holiday Accommodation Poland

Ski Holidays in Poland - come to Poland for Your Next Ski Holiday

Poland may not be the first place you think of for a ski holiday, but unlike France it has far less tourists and the prices are not as high yet you can still experience a great atmosphere, beautiful surroundings and great skiing opportunites! With great-value, child-friendly skiing in the Tatras mountians you will surely enjoy your skiing holiday when you book a holiday  home in Poland.

Rent holiday accommodation in Polish ski resorts

Poland has 6 large ski resorts which are becoming increasingly popular across Europe, Zakopane being the largest,  bordering on Slovakia. Here, you can choose either alpine or cross-country skiing, or even ski jumping, depending where abouts you go in the area, as it is made up of smaller skiing zones, like Nosal, which usually has the best snow conditions as there are canons making artificial snow, and it is also a great place for beginners as there are lots of easy runs.

Visit a variety of places when you book ski accommodation in Poland

Here, there is something for all abilities, making it ideal for a family holiday if you want to go skiing with your littles ones. There is also accommodation for couples if you and your partner want to do a romantic ski getaway.  Szczyrk has 28 slopes available, most of which are open between December and April, and also offers skiing for different levels of ability. Zakopane is 2 hours' drive away from the airport in Krakow, which makes it easily accessible. You could make your holiday a and good for an all-in-one vacation if you want to combine a city break with a ski trip, as you could even rent one of the Poland holiday homes in Krakow and take a day off skiing.


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