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Norway Ski Resorts

Norway Ski Resorts - True Winter Wonderlands

Norway ski resorts are often not given much thought when people are considering ski holiday destinations due to the popularity of the Alps and its destinations such as Italy and Switzerland, however Norway's many mountains have tons to offer for skiers and snowboarders. After all... they did invent the sport of skiing and are ski-crazy even with skiing being available in the middle of the night on floodlit pistes. A benefit of Norway not being the most visited ski holiday destination is that virtually all routes and slopes are queue-less; there's also the benefit that ski holidays in Norway are a lot closer to the UK. If you go to a destination north enough, you might even be able to ski under the northern lights in places such as Harsted. Norway ski holidays are better suited for cross-country skiing with vast snowy landscapes but that doesn't mean it doesn't have its share of ski resorts with exhilarating slopes and beautifully groomed pistes. Norway ski resorts are also covered in traditional winter culture such as log cabins, hearty meals and countless snow sports. Due to it being a very snowy country, Norway ski resorts tend to have a lot more winter sports on offer for example, the many different Norwegian styles of skiing, dog sledding and snowmobiling. Resorts tend to be very lively during the night as the Norwegian ski resorts have adopted the French-Alpine custom of Apres-ski. One thing Norway has over the Alps is Guaranteed snow, and in many areas, guaranteed snow 365 days of the year!

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