Dolomites Ski Holidays

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Dolomites Ski Holidays

The Dolomites are an Alpine mountain range located in north-eastern Italy and the most popular area in Italy in terms of ski holiday destinations. Some great areas include Rocca Pietore, located near the Marmolada mountain, the tallest mountain in the Dolomites at a summit of 3,343 metres. The Dolomites ski resort may not have the most challenging of Alpine runs, however it has some of the longest with over 1,200 kilometres of runs all at varying elevations from 1,500 metres to 3,200 metres. On top of that, there are an additional 1100 kilometres of cross country skiing trails where you can soak in the sights and have a more relaxed Dolomite ski holiday experience. The Dolomites Superski area has in fact, the most ski runs in Europe as there are some rather popular resorts there that are all in close proximity to each other, such as Cortina d’Ampezzo, Arabba and all their satellite resorts. For snowboarders, there are many snow parks and runs specialised for snowboarding. The Dolomites ski resorts are also a great place to start snowboarding as there are many brilliant nursery slopes and highly acclaimed snowboarding schools.

The Dolomites area is a brilliant sight to look at with a combination of new and old architecture combining traditional culture with modernity. You'll find all facilities in the Dolomites ski resorts to be up to standard as this area gains a lot of praise for it's incredible cuisine, service and beauty. Dolomites ski holidays also offer guaranteed snow in the winter as well as some of the most sun you'll ever experience on a ski holiday.


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