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Pila Ski Resort

Great Italian, Ski Destination - Pila Ski Resort

The Italian ski resort, Pila, is located in the Italian Alps, north of Turin and is found directly in the heart of one of Italy's biggest skiing areas, the Aosta Valley. The Pila ski resort is often considered one of the most beautiful resorts in the Alps and receives great praise for its convenient positioning. Pila has a bowl-like landscape, surrounded by mountains, sheltering the pistes and town from the winds and also make for brilliant panoramic views. You'll find the pistes to be up to standards with great maintenance and lined by thousands of pine trees insuring you'll get to see many incredible views.

The piste's are efficiently connected as are the roads making the Pila ski resort very easy to get around. The resort is also a brilliant place for beginners as there are a few low gradient slopes and many ski schools. In total there is are 70 kilometres of ski slope in the resort so you're sure to never run out of slopes on your Pila ski holiday. For advanced skiers there are some red and black marked slopes which are quite challenging and also there are many off-piste routes. You will find a Pila ski holiday has a brilliant, traditional atmosphere as you can see Italian influence and culture in all of the Chalets, hotels and facilities located in the resort. After a long day of skiing, relax and experience some of the charismatic cafés bars and restaurants also dotted all over the resort.


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