Cervinia Ski Resort

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Cervinia Ski Resort

The Cervinia ski resort is on one of the highest peaks in Italy and the town of Cervinia itself sits at an elevation of 2000 metres making the slopes that little bit more accessible from the Cervinia ski resort. This reasonably high altitude means that on a Cervinia ski holiday, there is always reliable, guaranteed snow all year round. A large part of the resort's scenery is dominated by the towering, 4.5 kilometre tall mountain, the Matterhorn, one of the tallest mountains in the Alps which also makes for absolutely brilliant sightseeing excursions. Being one of the highest resorts in the Alps, it is also one of the most popular as it's equipped with plenty of varied slopes, however mainly suited for beginners and intermediates but if you're looking for the more challenging runs, great slopes for advanced skiers can be found in the nearby resort of Valtournenche. Cervinia is also home to one of Europe's longest ski slope at a whopping 11.5 kilometres. The Cervinia ski resort has been often compared to the Swiss ski destination of Zermatt, which is actually, only on the other side of the Matterhorn. You will find many traditional, ski-lodge buildings around the resort's centre, making this town a heart-warming and friendly place to be in. Every snow sport imaginable is on offer here on a Cervinia ski holiday, a great opportunity for those who want to try new things and take part in some of the more obscure winter sports not available in other resorts such as ice karting and heliskiing.


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