Ski Holidays, Tignes

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Ski Holidays, Tignes

Tignes ski holidays are incredibly exciting with a bounty of things to do. This French destination located in the Alps in close proximity with other popular ski holiday destinations such as Meribel or Chamonix. Holidays here are winter sports galore with a countless number of activities on offer! Ski holidays Tignes are particularly popular amongst advanced skiers thanks to the large variety of exhilarating off and on piste tracks. On a Tignes ski holiday, skiing is available all year round whereas most other ski resorts around the world are only open during winter months. However in Tignes, a lot of the slopes are actually only open during the winter.

Tignes ski holidays have been highly praised as brilliant destinations for off-piste free-riders due to it's great scenery, optimal terrain and open spaces. This destination is a hot spot for skiing world champions due to its challenging and exhilarating runs. There is a brilliant snow park formed for skier of all abilities with a variety of rails and ramps reshaped by the snow park team regularly. There are huge amount of cool winter sport activities and facilities all over Tignes such as the half-pipe or the big air bag slope located in the Gliss' park. If you're a pedestrian simply wanting to enjoy the wonderful views Tignes ski holidays have to offer, there are ski lifts especially for you to take you up to the peaks on the mountains.


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