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Flaine Ski Resorts

The Flaine ski resort is located in the French Alps not to far from other popular ski destinations such as Morzine. Flaine is part of the Grand Massif ski resort domain which connects the Flaine ski resort to the other brilliant ski resort of Samoens. Flaine is often described as having a Norwegian feel to it, with very traditional looking chalets, log cabins and thousands of snowy pine trees. It doesn't take long to find your feet on a Flaine ski holiday and everything here is connected very well. There are a large amount of ski lifts, the roads between the ski areas are navigable by foot and there are many members of staff working in Flaine ski holiday to help you whenever you need it. The resort is also free of traffic meaning the streets aren't so hectic and crowded.

The Flaine ski resort is ideal for all snow sport enthusiasts, with a huge 265 kilometres of pistes, all with varying difficulties. For snowboarders, Flaine is home to one of the biggest snowboarding parks in Europe, Jam Park, which is just jammed packed with fun. The boarding park hosts multiple parties every Sunday and stretches for almost a mile. The piste opportunities are endless all with different difficulties and lengths. Flaine's longest piste run spans a distance of 14 kilometres. Try your hand at other winter sport activities too as there are many to choose from including tobogganing and snowmobile driving.


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