Courchevel Ski Resort Holidays

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Courchevel Ski Resort Holidays

Located in the exceptional and huge Les Trois Vallees in France, the Courchevel ski resort has a massive amount of winter sport activities to take part in all over the ski area. In the vicinity of Courchevel you can find other great ski holiday destinations such as La Tania, Meribel and Val Thorens. A good benefit of the Courchevel ski resort's location is that it is directly in the centre of the well interlinked Trois Vallees making all the other ski resorts very accessible. Due to the sheer size, the possibilities are seemingly endless for all types of skiers on Courchevel ski holidays. With 150 kilometres of Alpine on-piste runs, countless more kilometres of free-ski, off-piste runs, and over 60 kilometres of cross-country ski runs, skiers of all tastes will find what they are looking for herein the Courchevel ski resort.

Courchevel is comprised of many small villages of indescribable beauty, with most architecture being of a traditional, Alpine style. During the night times, the streets are lit with golden light which make the villages an absolute pleasure to wander around and take in the sights. The night life of a Courchevel ski holiday doesn't leave much to be desired as the versatility of night time activities to take part in mean people will always find something they enjoy. From tranquil and classy nights out to fun-filled festivities, Courchevel ski holidays always attract groups and families thanks to its range of things to do.


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