Ski Holidays in Chamonix Mont Blanc

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Ski Holidays in Chamonix Mont Blanc

As it is the tallest mountain in Europe this side of Russia, it is no surprise that every year, hundreds of climbing, skiing and various other winter sport enthusiasts flock to the beautiful snow covered, Alpine mountain of Mont Blanc for a ski holiday in Chamonix. The commune of Chamonix is one of France's oldest and most popular ski resorts, with multiple holiday facilities to satisfy all your winter holiday needs. Chamonix was also the destination of the first ever Winter Olympic Games, putting Chamonix ski holidays on the map as a top destination for winter sports. Exciting excursions and incredible mountain views, this combination makes Chamonix ski holidays some of the most popular destinations for winter getaways.

A Perfect Trip for Skiing and Snowboarding

The size of Mont Blanc opens up many opportunities for skiers looking for ski holidays in Chamonix, as there are many passes and areas which vary in difficulty. If you're a beginner or with children, the La Vormaine piste comes highly recommended as its gentle slopes allow for comfortable skiing that isn't too daunting. For advanced skiers and snowboarders, you could check out the Grand Montets, a variety of long and steep pistes with a combined length of 28 kilometres, spread across 3 mountain faces, the Pendant, the Argentiere glacier and the Lognan. There are even off-piste routes and freestyle events for those feeling up to the challenge. Whatever your level, if skiing is your thing, then a Chamonix ski holiday is the excursion you've been looking for.


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