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Ski Holidays France

Ski Holidays France - Europe's Most Popular Ski Destination

Possibly the most popular and well known country in Europe for ski holidays, France has the most ski resorts out of any other European country and we just can't stop ourselves from having some fun in the French snow. France ski holidays can offer a huge range of different skiing and snowboarding opportunities for novices and experts alike. For advanced skiers, Chamonix comes highly recommended if you're a real thrill seeker as it has a multitude of off-piste routes that have not been groomed. Mont-Blanc, the tallest mountain in the Alps, also has some very exciting off-piste routes that may require you to jump some rather wide crevices. France is also home to the Three Valleys, a skiing area which incorporates many different France ski holiday resorts and racks up a total skiable area of 600 kilometres. For those beginners looking to hone their skills may want to check out Les Arcs, which has many ski slopes varying from nursery slopes to advanced slopes and has a vast selection of ski schools. Whatever your skills, you'll definitely love a ski holiday in France. Bordering Switzerland and Italy, many French ski holiday resorts that lie along the border allow skiers to travel between 2 neighbouring countries. On a ski holiday France, we guarantee you'll find what you're looking for in a winter sport destination, as skiing is an integral part of French, alpine culture, France has some of the oldest and most refined resorts for your skiing pleasure.


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