Finland Ski Resort Holidays

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Finland Ski Resort Holidays

For a truly unique ski holiday, Finland is definitely a place to consider as it is a completely different experience to the French Alps. Unlike the Alps, Finland ski holidays aren't focussed around tall peaks and steep slopes, in fact, Finland ski resorts really put a lot of effort into an all round brilliant winter experience, making Finland truly a winter wonderland. You'll find an excellent choice of chalets and cabins in Finland which are absolutely enchanting to look at. The cosy, warm, wooden accommodation in Finland is the perfect home to come to after a long day skiing. This Scandinavian country is famed for it's brilliantly crafted and very traditional cabins. Finland's calm night life, gentle terrain and beautiful scenery also makes ski holidays in Finland great romantic getaways.

The most popular destinations and the greatest Finland ski resorts can be found in Lapland, said to be the home of Father Christmas. Lapland is perfect for family ski holidays as there are many winter activities to take part in here that are fun for the whole family such as reindeer-drawn carriage rides, snow walking and even husky dog sledding rides. One of the most popular skiing activities to take part in here in Finland is cross-country skiing as Finland's beautifully unique terrain is really something to be marvelled at along with other great Scandinavian ski destinations in Norway and Sweden. It is even possible to go skiing under the northern lights which is a great once-in-a-life time opportunity that shouldn't be missed. So book a great ski holiday in a Finland ski resort, the hidden gems of Scandinavia!


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