Holiday homes perfect for skiing in the Czech Republic

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Holiday homes perfect for skiing in the Czech Republic

The allures of a ski holiday in the Czech Republic

Renting a holiday apartment at a ski resort or near one is great in the Czech Republic, it is a very affordable holiday yet still offers amazing views, skiing opportunities and culture. It the ideal holiday because you can use the ski lift for which the novelty and breath-taking views never stops, you can spend all day racing down the snowy white mountains leaving your tracks, it’s the perfect holiday for everyone who doesn’t mind the cold and loves some sport. In the evenings sit back and relax in your gorgeous holiday rental, with a cup of hot chocolate topped off with whipped cream and marshmallows and let the warm glow of the fire wrap around you.

Paradise doesn’t have to be tropical

There are several places that you can ski within the Czech Republic however, most of them are fairly unpronounceable. If you want to go somewhere popular with well maintained ski lifts and routes, then the place is Pustevny and Jeseniky. However, if you´d like to go somewhere more scenic where you watch the sun disappear into the white and the glow of the orange lights from the snow peaked little houses in the village below is Bozi Dar which translated means ´God’s Gift´ which is a truly fitting name for such an enchanted place.

The amazing landscape isn’t the only great part about a Czech ski holiday, their pre-piste and après-ski traditions are very interesting. Their traditional pre-piste breakfast consists of two fatty frankfurters curled on top of a bowl of calcified porridge. They believe it promotes peripheral blood circulation and braces you against hypothermia. Their après-ski mostly revolves around having your gums massaged to help with gum irritation, relieve tension and straighten out your jaw after having spent the day crashing into everything on your skis before then going back to your Czech ski chalet holiday rental. 

Great for beginners

One of the great things about the Czech Republic is that you can go skiing for as little as £5 per day. If you´ve never been skiing before but would love to try it out then going to the Czech Republic is the ideal place, they are very welcoming to people new to skiing. You also don’t have to worry about being overlooked and not get the help you need as often happens in more mainstream ski because in the Czech Republic you´re very well looked after. They even use the advertising line ´you can enjoy the nature while struggling to ski´ which is very comforting for those who are nervous about it being embarrassing.

If skiing isn’t the only thing on your mind

While skiing is the main thing you´ll probably be doing on your holiday, if you fancy a day or two to take a break from it then the Czech Republic has plenty of other must-see parts to explore too. One lovely place to visit is Cesky Krumlov, it´s known to be a medieval treasure and its castle has 13th century Baroque, Gothic and Renaissance elements to it. You can go all the way up to the top of the bell tower to capture the spectacular views of the winding cobbled streets, picturesque village covered in a blanket of snow where only small bits of orange peep out from the slating rooftops and the Vltava River.

Nothing a massage can´t fix in Karlovy Vary

After a few good days of skiing you might start to feel a bit drained, staying in your ski side holiday rental may not be the only thing you want to do. Therefore, the perfect place to visit is Karlovy Vary, it´s part of the world famous West Bohemian Spa Triangle and was founded by the Holy Roman emperor Charles IV in 1358. There are 13 main hot springs and 300 smaller springs where you can drink a cup of the curative water that comes out at 52-70C, there is also plenty of amazing culture to admire too in the surrounding area. After spending a day there in the spa you’ll be completely refreshed, reenergised and ready for another day of skiing.


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