Bansko Ski Resort Holidays

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Bansko Ski Resort Holidays

Bansko is without a doubt the most popular ski resort destination in Bulgaria and also the largest. With a majority of the slopes being suited for beginner and intermediate skiers, Bansko is great for first time ski holidays and even greater for family holidays. A good thing about the Bansko ski resort compared to the more popular Alpine resort destinations such as Switzerland or France, is that Bansko will never break your budget. Due to Bansko's traditional background, the resort attracts many visitors interested in the cultural opportunities as the Bansko ski resort has many interesting monuments spread all over the area. Bansko's rich history also make for unique Apres-ski experiences which have their own Bulgarian feel. These many historical sites and monuments such as the Yulen nature reserve, the Popovo Lake or the vast array of monumental architecture, truly make Bansko one of the most beautiful places to ski in. Advanced skiers are still able to get there thrills here with slopes such as the Tomba and many off-piste runs that requires skiers to slalom between trees, however Bansko ski holidays are perfect for those beginners looking to improve and hone their skiing abilities. For those looking to try out new winter sports, the Bansko ski resort is also perfect as it has brilliant ski schools and many nursery slopes to try out a variety of interesting snow-related sports. The night life in Bansko is one of the main highlights as there are many unforgettable parties going on in the resort's town where you can find many fun-filled bars and clubs. There is also brilliant Bulgarian cuisine which is well worth checking out while on your Bansko ski holiday.


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