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Ski Holidays in Bulgaria

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Bulgaria is often neglected when people think of ski holiday destinations, often being hidden in the shadow of the Alpine ski resorts, however Bulgaria ski holidays are some of Europe's best hidden Gems. Bulgarian ski holidays offers an abundance of stunning views from the mountain tops. The slopes are easy going making it a perfect destination for beginners and families, there are also a lot of ski schools that come highly recommended for beginners. One of the best parts is that a ski holiday in Bulgaria won't break your budget, with classy yet affordable accommodation. Night life is still pretty vibrant with a great party atmosphere; it won't cost you too much either.

Bulgaria's most popular ski resort, Bansko, is often referred to as the pearl of Bulgarian tourism as it's a rapidly evolving resort, attracting more and more tourists every year. This offers everything your normal ski holiday in Bulgaria would, with a wide range and variety of pistes that wind in and out of the forests, plenty of traditional bars, and brilliant chalet accommodation. There are also many other big resort destinations in Bulgaria such as Borovetz and Pamporovo and a few smaller resorts scattered all over the country. If a quiet, relaxing ski getaway is your ideal holiday, then ski holidays in Bulgaria might just be the perfect trip for you, it's also a great skiing trip for children making it a great family holiday destination.

Bulgaria’s untouched landscapes attract hikers, mountain bikers and skiers and are becoming more and more popualr every year. There are seven mountain ranges; glacial lakes and forets. Networks of trails and hizhas (hiking huts) allow access to such raw beauty as mist-cloaked panoramas in the Stara Planina range and sunrise from Bulgaria’s second-highest peak, Mt Vihren (2915m). So treck among Rodopi villages and bird watch in Pirin National Park - Bulgaria has a lot to offer outdoorsmen.

If you are looking for other great ski destinations - how about - Switzerland, Italy or Sweden.


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