Lech Ski Resort Holidays

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Lech Ski Resort Holidays

Lech am Alberg is possibly the most luxurious ski resort in the whole of Austria which offers quests the absolute finest of customer service. It is situated quite close to the border of Switzerland and can be accessed quite easily from Zurich airport. Suited particularly well for intermediate skiers, the Lech ski resort is equipped with 70 intermediate pistes and 276 kilometres of skiable piste in total. For beginners, there are many slopes to choose from and also many skiing schools with the most capable of experts to teach you. When it comes to variety of things to do, advanced skiers have it best with a selection of 30 advanced ski runs, many kilometres of off-piste routes and also the opportunity to do participate in heli-skiing, a very popular pastime amongst experts in the Lech ski resort which involves a helicopter ride up to the mountain peaks before jumping out and doing a bit of extreme, downhill skiing. The scenery on offer on Lech ski holidays is absolutely stunning as the resort is surrounded by beautifully traditional architecture and amazing snow-topped peaks. There's also quite a range of things to do for snowboarders too with a few slopes and a snow park. One of the great distinguishing features of Lech ski holidays is the snow record. The Lech ski resort receives some of the most snow than anywhere else in Austria due to its own micro-climate. All year round the Lech ski resort recieves many visitors who aren't even there to ski but in fact there to simply enjoy the delightful facilities such as the many spas or the brilliant array of bars and clubs on offer.


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