Ski Holidays in Italy

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Ski Holidays in Italy

Ski Holidays in Italy - a diverse location for a fantastic ski break

The Alpines fall into Italian territory making this beautiful country, which is usually associated with fine wine and ancient ruins, a popular ski resort destination and favourite to many all over the globe. Ski holidays in Italy is not the first thought of many people due to the neighbouring, more popular ski resort countries such as Austria, Switzerland and France. Even with Italy's sun, you should expect a lot of snow in the winter months, optimal for skiing. Italy's most famous mountain ranges are the Dolomites. Winter sports and other leisure activities have been a tradition in this mountain range for many decades and Italy has definitely refined its Italian ski holiday atmosphere thanks to its long history on the ski destination map.

Some Recommended Italian Ski Holiday Destinations

One of the most popular ski resort destinations in Italy is Veneto, an Italian county covered by a mountainous region of 29%. This area's resorts have a bounty of beautifully groomed pistes that won't disappoint. In the Aosta valley of Italy you can find Europe’s longest ski slope of 20 kilometres. Italian ski holidays are often considered the luxury ski resort destination, however it doesn't have to come at a luxury price. With certain resorts such as Cortina d'Ampezzo, it was strictly reserved for the upper class back in the day, being one of the first Italian ski holiday resorts, but is now a popular ski holiday in Italy amongst all people. Booking a ski hut or chalet through Casamundo will not disappoint, with a wide range of family friendly, dog friendly and luxury accommodations - a ski holiday in Italy should be simple and easy.


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