German Ski Resort Holidays

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German Ski Resort Holidays

German ski resort holidays - a great experience for the whole family

The different German ski resorts have a variety of characteristics thanks to the huge amount of mountain ranges dotted all over Germany. Most other European ski destinations are restricted to mainly the Alps, however on a German ski holiday you can choose from either the Rhön mountains, the Harz mountains, the Ore mountains, and many more! For advanced skiing, the first and most obvious destination that comes to mind is definitely the Bavarian Alps, the home of Germany's highest peak, the Zugspitze. The Bavarian Alps are where you'll find typical Alpine culture, with a definite Bavarian feel and a definite German influence on Apres-ski culture. Because Germany is not the first choice of many skiers, German ski resorts are built around the general winter-season experience and is not strictly focused on skiing, because of this, even non-skiers can fully enjoy ski holidays in Germany to the fullest and even take part in many other winter sports.

Ski holidays in Germany come highly recommended to beginners who are looking for gentle slopes and are more interested in the incredible sites and German ski culture. Germany gains a lot of praise for its marvellous landscapes and the sites are only more beautiful from the mountain tops. There aren't a lack of things to do for advanced skiers though as German ski resorts still have a lot of exciting slopes to choose from for example, Oberstdorf has gained notoriety for ski jumping. The best time to go is between November and April.

Family friendly skiing in Germany when you rent a German Ski holiday home

The Alpine region nestled in southern Germany of course offers a wide range of ski areas. There are also family orientated areas and small ski areas can be found in the Harz, the Black Forest, the Thurungian Forest and even in the North Rhine-Westphalian Sauerland.

Family-friendly accommodations are very important when thinking about a ski holiday - it is supposed to be a home from home. Many resorts also offer child-care facilities, as well as children's ski lessons and special equipment hire - sometimes this is even already included in the price.

No matter what type of holiday you decide on, your family holiday will be a guaranteed success! Other great destinations to take your kids skiing are France, Italy and Switzerland.


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