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Kitzbuhel Ski Resort Holidays

The Kitzbuhel Ski Holiday Experience

Kitzbuhel ski resorts are great all round ski holiday destinations with something for everybody and lacking nothing. The very fashionable town of Kitzbuhel has a very traditional, Austrian centre with many lights, a lot of colours, and quaint buildings lining the streets. The Kitzbuhel ski resort has been voted as the world's best ski resort in recent time and it's no wonder why as it's had plenty of renovations since it's opening over 120 years ago. With 170 kilometres of beautifully groomed pistes plus an additional 230 square kilometre of off-piste area, beginners and advanced skiers have plenty to choose from. For advanced skiers, Kitzbuhel ski resort is home to the Streif, often considered the world's most difficult downhill, racing slope and it is open to the public. Kitzbuhel is great for families as there are many ski schools for the kids, gentle, low gradient slopes for beginners and a Kitzbuhel ski holiday won't break your budget.

Snow conditions are very reliable with guaranteed snow throughout the winter so you'll never be disappointed. There are a multiple variety of different activities to take part in, especially snowboarding as there are many snowboarding runs a giant snowboarding park which receive much positive criticism. Ski touring is also very popular in Kitzbuhel as the surrounding hills and terrain make for absolutely breathtaking sights and gentle skiing.


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