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Romantic Holidays in Vienna

A city of music, culture and romance - romantic holidays in Venice

Vienna is a cultural metropolis that is both classic and modern and embraces its past as part of its present in a way that is effortless and classy. As the capital of Austria, it is a unique European city that makes for the ideal destination for a romantic holiday. With an abundance of culture, exquisite restaurants and a relaxed feel that belies its character.

Romantic holidays are all about experiencing the culture together and few come close to offering what Vienna does. As the former residence of the Habsburg monarchy, one of the most powerful if not the most powerful in European history, you can expect grandeur all over this city. The best place to start is without a doubt Schönbrunn palace which as the primary Imperial residence is stunningly grand. While the interior displays the power that the Habsburg monarchy once commanded before its dissolusion at the end of the First World War in 1918, the gardens which are dominated by the Imperial Eagle are so extensive that you could easily spend an entire day at the whole complex. After exploring this majestic royal palace you could also visit the Belvedere, a Baroque summer palace of the family or the Hofburg Palace too.

Known as the “City of Music” due to the rich heritage of classical music composers that have resided here, the classic sounds of the Classical and Romantic periods are naturally still abundant here. Once the residence of Mozart, Hadyn, Beethoven, Strauss and Mahler, the former residences of many of these composers are today tourist attractions in themselves. Mozart’s home is now a museum and here you can learn about the surprisingly rebellious lifestyle of this icon.

After a long day, what better way to spend the evening than hearing some of Vienna’s music in one of the concert halls with that special someone. There are few activities more romantic than experiencing classical music in the venues that it was intended for. End your day with a visit to one of Vienna’s finest restaurants. Try a hearty stew or schnitzel and wash it down with some continental wine before ending proceedings with some delicious strudel. Owing to Vienna’s international character in the centre, any kind of European cuisine is available if you fancy something a bit different. 

In addition to Vienna’s status as one of the key cities in European music culture, the city has also been a home to maverick academics too. Visit Freud’s practice to gain an insight into one of the most important philosophers of modern times or if you are fascinated by history, there is practically a museum for anyone here. See the car in which Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated, sparking the first world war in the Millitary Museum, a crucial relic in world history. The Museum of Art History is also the largest in Austria and features a collection as diverse as it is extensive. Few cities are more perfect for lovers than Vienna and staying in a modern apartment right in the centre will give you an amazing experience of this city of love, music and culture.


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