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Romantic Getaways to Venice

Romantic Getaways to Venice

Enjoy the romantic atmosphere of Venice

We have a feeling you will enjoy your holiday in Venice. What's not to love? Scenery to make your heart stop, restaurants to make your stomach purr with delight and architecture that make your jaw drop in disbelief – a Venice holiday is the true Italian experience. Popular throughout the year, it is summer that sees the most guests descend upon this perfect city. Drawn to the city by the golden sunshine illuminating the architecture of Venice and somehow making it even more beautiful, millions of loved-up couples arrive in Venice between May and August, causing the world-famous St. Mark's Square to come alive – a heaving mass of bodies basking in the Italian heat.

Venice was one of the most important cities in the world until the end of the 16th century, acting as a trading link between the Mediterranean, Europe and the Middle East. Venice had a substantial albeit controlled foreign presence and this can be observed all around the city, from the German Fondaco dei Tedeschi to the Greek churches which serve as a reminder of Venice’s former colonial glory. Culturally conscious tourists will be enthralled by the rich history of Venice and it is well worth taking a guided tour along the canals or streets so you can appreciate the stories behind the stunning buildings here.
Home of enchanting gondolas and idyllic canal rides - Venice

Like a ride in those ubiquitous gondolas, a visit to St. Mark's Square is a must, if you want to get your Venetian holiday just right. An interesting fact, bound to come up in pub quiz trivia at some point, is that this famous square is one of the few places in the world, where the sound of people talking is enough to drown out the noise of the traffic in the surrounding area. Given all of those cliches we've all heard about Italian drivers, this is no mean feat! Venice is known for its bridges such as the Rialto but interestingly Hamburg has more bridges than Venice and Amsterdam combined!

If you want to have a bit more time to yourself to discover St. Mark's, try to avoid the high-season. The weather may be somewhat less reliable, but that's a small price to pay to witness such beauty close up. A boat-ride along the canals or a stroll around town are two great ways to see the fabulous sights of Venice, but while there is so much information online about the beautiful Basilicum, fine art collections (including that of Peggy Guggenheim) and the many, many picturesque bridges crossing the turquoise waters of this internationally renowned canal system, Venice truly needs to be experienced in real life and seen by your own eyes. Our Venetian apartments and villas serve as a great base to get out and explore this amazing city.

Does spending time on the beach sound more appealing than a cultural city break? You might want to a look at the lovely Naples apartments and villas La Spezia!

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