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Book a romantic getaway to Sicily in Italy

With fine wine, sunny beaches and beautiful sunsets, fall in love again in Sicily

Sicily is an island in Italy located in the south of the country. The capital of Sicily is Palermo, a city located in the north-west of the island. So that you can spend some quality time with your partner, book your stay in a villa in Sicily with Casamundo. Bask in the Sicillian sun, drink plenty of the finest wine around and fall in love again.

Discover one of the most beautiful and mysterious islands of Italy:

Thanks to our holiday villas and apartments in Sicily, you can discover the beauty of the ancient monuments such as the Doric temple of Segesta or the valley of the temples in Agrigento. If the natural sciences interest you, go for a walk in hand on the volcano of the island: Mount Etna as well as Catania, city near the volcano. It always makes an evening perfect when you end it by watching the sunset with your best friend. Booking a villa in Sicilly means you can experience one of the most beautiful sunsets in Italy.

During your romantic weekend in Sicily, you can also enjoy visiting the city of Palermo, its cathedral, its harbour and the Palais des Normands. And if you want to relax in the sea,splash in the waves on the shore, rendezvous near the reserve Dello Zingaro or go a nice hike by the sea in Syracuse. There are plenty of italian cocktail bars, so on your romantic getaway in Sicily you can spend some quality time in the evening with your partner whilst enjoying a cocktail.

Discover the Sicilian gastronomic specialties!

During your romantic weekend in Sicily you should not miss the opportunity to sample many of the island's culinary specialties: fish couscous from the Trapani region, or other shellfish dishes, fish or crustaceans accompanied by a fillet of olive oil, the butter being very little used in Sicily, capers and often basil. At the level of desserts, during your stay in Sicily, you can taste "Cannoli", small Sicilian pastries in the form of tubes.


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