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Book a romantic getaway to Santorini

A romantic escape to the beautiful island of Santorini

Santorini is the perfect travel destination for any type of celebration whether it be for an anniversary, honeymoon, birthday celebration or just a romantic holiday. This extravagant island paradise is considered as one of the most romantic destinations in the Mediterranean. In addition to its amazing cuisines, antique cites, beautiful beaches, boutiques and a delightful unique view, this attractive island is Greece’s most peculiar wine region and home of the oldest vineyard in Europe. Find your luxurious villa and fall for each other all over again. Santorini offers a wide variety of beaches ideal for relaxing and enjoying various water sports. However, a Greek trip would not be complete without sunbathing. The top beaches include: Perissa Beach, Red Beach, Black Beach and White Beach. Perfect for a lazy afternoon enjoying the scenic location, the sun-kissed air, but most importantly each other’s company. 

The most popular romantic holiday resorts

Akrotiri is one of the most underrated holiday destination in Greece. This resort is situated on the southernmost point of Island Santorini. This village offers an incredible view of the volcano, exquisite mansions, the unique architecture and off the entire west coast of Santorini. The antique city is the most prominent site in Santorini – especially for the archaeology-lovers! Furthermore, an opportunity to admire the stunning scenery of the white lighthouse on the rocks. If you are looking for a calm place, secure your romantic holiday apartment in Akrotiri. Enjoy the warm and cosy atmosphere. Lastly, visit the Venetian Castle of Santori which is really intriguing!

Discover Oia the islands most scenic village! It is situated at the northernmost point of Santorini. Moreover, it is famous for its grand buildings, phenomenal view, mouth-watering Greek cuisine and of course the Oia sunset! Whilst the southern tip of this city offers a great view into the Caldera, the northern tip provides striking sunset views. This village is peaceful and sophisticated. An excellent location to book your luxurious holiday apartment if you are looking for peace and pleasure.

The best areas for lively nightlife in Santorini Island are: Fira, Perissa and Kamari.
Fira is Santorini's capital and offers a combination of social life, unique traditional experiences, and shopping. It is also the most cosmopolitan town, a lively town with almost limitless range of leisure activities. Other romantic villages include: Emporio, Imerovigli and Firostefani.

Exploring the beautiful Island – a few activities to do in Santorini

Have a romantic dinner whilst overlooking the Caldera or go on a a sunset wine tour and enjoy eachothers company. For the outdoor enthusiasts - go on a romantic adventure and hike the Fira trail. The cable car ride in Fira is a must! Swim at the famous beaches and embrace your natural sun-kissed tan.
Walk the Volcano and end your evening with a  a movie at an open-air cinema.



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