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Book a romantic getaway to Rome

Romantic getaway to Rome

Just walking around the city of Rome is romantic in itself, so if you book a romantic getaway to Rome and book holiday accommodation in Rome, you won’t be disappointed. The architecture, the cuisine, the music… everything about this place screams romance. Italy has beautiful scenery, and has inspired many an artist, so no wonder it is claimed to be one of the most romantic places to visit in Europe. On a romantic getaway to Rome you’ll be able experience all the magic of this capital city whilst staying in a fantastic holiday apartment or villa just for you and your loved one.

One of the most important sites to visit when you take your romantic trip to Rome is the Trevi Fountain. You and your partner can make a wish together and enjoy the atmosphere in the cozy square surrounding it – perhaps whilst enjoying an ice-cream! There’s also St Peter’s Basilica – arguably the most famous church in the world. When you walk in you realise the extent of its size and you are immediately consumed by beautiful art and architecture.

Of course, you can’t visit Rome with your loved one without seeing the Colosseum! A great tip is to go at night – there are less crowds and it has an even more romantic atmosphere. The Piazza Della Spagna is full of shops and cafés and creates a gorgeous ambiance for couples! There’s nothing quite like a romantic riverside walk with your loved one – and the River Tiber is the perfect place.


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