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Book a romantic getaway to Paris

Experience stunning views and moonlight walks on a romantic getaway to Paris

Paris – the city of love. There is no other location in Europe so well known for its ambiance and romantic flair. Films, books and plays have all been set here – and now your own love story can be as well. You can choose from an array of world famous museums, historic attractions, charming cafés and beautiful parks to explore on your romantic trip. Booking holiday accommodation for your romantic getaway.

Experience culture together on your romantic getaway.

The museums in Paris are some of the best in the world. Just like in a film, fall in love all over again whilst walking with each other around the museums and taking in the French culture. Some of the best ones to see are the Musée d’Orsay, Musée du Louvre and the Musee Rodin. Experiencing the museums and culture together will broaden both of your minds and make great memories for you both when you go on a romantic weekend break to Paris. You can’t go on a romantic trip to Paris without going on a walk with your loved one along the River Seine.

Only the best for you and your partner

And of course, the most famous sites are a must with your loved one whilst you stay in Paris. Everyone knows about the Eiffel Tower, but this is because it is so special. Take your loved one up to the top and enjoy the amazing view together. Another unbelievable site in Paris is the world-famous Notre-Dame Cathedral. Le Marais is also a great quarter in Paris to visit with your partner. The ‘Jardin des Tuileries’ offers you and your partner the chance to leisurely stroll and walk together surrounded by beautiful flowers.

There are also some unusual but fantastic activities to engage in when you stay in Paris – to make your getaway even more romantic. For example, be sophisticated and try wine tasting. Take a trip to the ‘Island of the Temple of Love’. Drive in a vintage Citröen - Chauffered by a local Parisian to show you all their secret spots.


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