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London - your next romantic getaway

Book your next stay in London for your next romantic getaway

There are plenty of romantic spots in London and fun things to do with your partner on a romantic getaway to London. London easily accessible from most cities by plane, train or car and there us plenty of accommodation, so wherever you choose to book an apartment in London for your romantic getaway then you won’t have the stress of lots of travel or searching for long. A romantic getaway to London is a must to experience what the capital has to offer. Choosing to book an apartment in London on your romantic trip rather than a hotel room means you and your partner have that extra level of privacy and space that you need.

Wherever you stay in London – you won’t be disappointed by the nightlife

Start your weekend off by visiting a cocktail bar with a view, there are plenty in the centre and they offer beautiful views of the city, which create a brilliant atmosphere. You and your partner will be able to see some of the best sights such as St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge and the Shard. You should also consider visiting one of the West End shows, a romantic evening of entertainment and fun on your getaway to the capital. Why not visit the National Gallery together and feel cultured and take in some of the best art that Britain has to offer.

Romantic sights for you and your partner

If you and your partner like to visit historical sites together, then visit one of the romantic palaces in London such as Hampton Court Palace or Kensington Palace. If you feel like being treated to a bit of pampering then there is plenty on offer to you. There is the Burlington Arcade for some retail therapy, and of course Oxford Street, which is magical especially at Christmas time.  There are so many places that you and your partner can visit together and treat each other with. There will undoubtedly be easy travel access to any of these shopping centres from anywhere you stay in London on your romantic getaway.

Go on a romantic walk together in the city

Of course, there is the famous Hyde Park and many other smaller parks in London which offer you a romantic experience. These parks are best experienced in the autumn or the spring, when the trees are their prettiest. You could hire a rowing boat or a pedalo on the Serpentine and then stop off at the Rose Garden.
There are plenty of holiday homes and apartments in London which you and your partner can choose from in London to suit your needs on your romantic getaway!


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