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Romantic Getaways in Hamburg

Experience stunning views and moonlight walks on a romantic getaway to Hamburg

Hamburg may not be the first place that you think of when you consider a romantic getaway, but trust us, this northern German city has a lot to offer couples with its beautiful architecture, romantic walks and relaxed atmosphere. You can enjoy this city in the summer or the winter, as the city is used to unpredictable weather so has all the amenities necessary to cope with an unexpected shower!

A walk with a view is hard to avoid on a romantic getaway to Hamburg

One of the most romantic places in Hamburg is undoubtedly the Binnenalster and the Alster. These are two sections of the Elbe river which run into Hamburg. Shops, cafés and pathways have been built around them so it is even more enjoyable to walk around. From one side of the Binnenalster, either on the bridge or under the bridge you will experience a fantastic view of the city, this is even more stunning at night, when the lights of the city reflect the water. If you visit in autumn, you will be able to experience gorgeous colour of the trees around the Binnenalster and walk with your partner through the natural arches whilst enjoying the view. Sometimes events are held around Binnenalster, and you are able to walk around and taste the local cuisine. There is also a beach bar if you are there in the summer, the perfect place for a romantic meal and a relaxed drink or two.

Beaches are romantic places, and it’s not just Mediterranean countries which have them! Hamburg has its very own beach, the Elbe Strand! It is not the typical tourist beach; however, it offers a great view of the cranes and is situated in a rural setting which gives it a cozier atmosphere. There is also a restaurant here for you to enjoy.
If you enjoy experiencing nature with your partner, then the parks of Stadtpark and Planten un Blumen are perfect places for you to go. These parks are perfect if you want to enjoy some peace and serenity with your loved one in Hamburg and they are also free to visit. Planten un Blumen in the summer months offers a fountain light show in the evening accompanied by music, perfect for a romantic evening picnic with your partner.

One of the most important and enjoyable parts of a romantic getaway is finding a beautiful spot to sit together and enjoy a view. The Landungsbrücke view point in Hamburg offers you a stunning view of the port and the city, and is especially enjoyable at night. A great place to find a view in the day is the St Michael’s Church, from which you can see the whole of Hamburg, including the modern and world famous Elbphilaharmonie. If you fancy experiencing the view from the Elbphilharmonie as well, this is possible and is free! There are plenty of options in Hamburg for you to create a romantic setting with your partner.

When you book a romantic getaway to Hamburg – experience diverse sceneries

If you go on a romantic getaway to Hamburg, then a romantic boat trip around Speicherstadt is a must. Starting at the Landungsbrücke port, this boat trip will take you through Speicherstadt, with its stunning old warehouses and beautiful bridges. This is the best way to experience this part of the city and also learn about the history of Hamburg, as you can opt for a tour guide to tell you about the history on your journey.

Sternschanze is a quarter in Hamburg with a ‘Berlin-esque’ buzz, if you fancy experiencing something a bit different. With cafés, bars and restaurants on every corner and live music in abundance, Sternschanze is a really great place to go with your partner to experience a chilled yet vibrant atmosphere.

So when you rent a holiday accommodation in Hamburg for a romantic getaway, you know that you won’t be disappointed by this city known as the ‘Gateway to the world’. Why not get picked up from the airport by a private car? If you are on a budget, the S1 line only takes 30 minutes to the centre and is a similar price to the London underground for a single ticket.


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