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Book a romantic getaway to Galway

Fall in love again with each other when you book the ideal apartment for your romantic getaway in Galway

Ireland is not the first place you think of when considering a romantic holiday – yet it has all the right ingredients for the perfect romantic getaway. Some of the most romantic films have been shot in Ireland such as the award winning Once and PS I Love you, so when you book a romantic getaway to Galway City you will also be inspired by the atmosphere and the surroundings. There's certainly no shortage of ways to dance (literally) with romance here. You could steal a kiss under the Spanish Arch or party in the Latin Quarter. So if you’re planning to whisk your loved one away for the weekend and think cities such as Paris and Rome are too obvious, then maybe the hidden Irish gem you are looking for is here on the beautiful west coast. Casamundo will offer you the perfect cosy accomodation such as a holiday apartment, holiday home or holiday cottage in Galway for your Irish romantic getaway.

Inspiration for your unforgettable romantic getaway to Galway City

There are plenty of romantic activities to engage in when you book a romantic holiday to Galway in Ireland. For example, if you want to treat your partner to some retail therapy then Quay Street is the perfect place to go. There are plent of opportunities for shopping and visiting cosy cafés, with a friendly atmosphere.  You can also go and visit Eyre Square, which also has an array of shops and places for you to visit together. The advantage of Galway being a coastal city is that you get the best of bost worlds when you book a holiday home for your getaway. Visit Galway Bay and spend an evening just watching life go by with your partner.  The Salthill Promenade is a must when you visit Galway - one of the most romantic places in Galway. Feel like you're in a film as you and your partner sit on a ferris wheel together and enjoy each others company whislst watching the view. If you and your partner love enjoying nature and watching the sunset - then Kinarva is the perfect place.

Romantic activities when you book your stay in Galway

- Kiss under The Spanish Arch
- Visit the Galway city museum
- Walk and hike together in the Connemara National Park
- Take a trip to the Arnan Islands
- Take a trip to Spiddal
- Take a romantic stroll through Coole Park
- Take part in a Food Walk and try local delicacies together

Other romantic places to go with your partner could be Reykjavik, Copenhagen or Amsterdam


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