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The Pearl of the Danube: Romantic Holidays in Budapest

The perfect romantic getaway to Budast

The beautiful capital city of Hungary, Budapest, is a perfect destination for a romantic and magical getaway with your loved one. Also referred to at the “Paris of the East” and the “Pearl of Danube”, Budapest is rich in culture, artistic influence and heritage. The bustling city is a great spot to rent a romantic Budapest holiday apartment, with plenty of sights and attractions to be visited, as well as quieter spots to enjoy some time together. Book accomodation a view, so in the evening you and your partner can enjoy the sunset together on your romatic holiday in Budapest.

Fall in love with the architecture on your romantic trip

Visit the neo-Gothic Fisherman's Bastion, located on Castle Hill overlooking the city. The 19th Century Fort is one of Budapest's most popular attractions and offers panoramic views of the capital. Also located on Castle Hill is the famous Buda Castle. This Royal Palace is an incredible and historical building and is now part of the Budapest World Heritage Site. Here, you can stroll through the courtyards and visit the National Gallery and Budapest History Museum, which are located inside the Palace. From Castle Hill and the Buda Castle District, you can enjoy the sweeping, sparkling night-time views of the city and relax on the hillside together. There is nothing more romantic than sharing and learning about culture with your partner.

Magical & Beautiful Budapest 

Whilst renting a Budapest holiday apartment, perhaps spend an evening on a River Cruise of the Danube and stroll hand in hand along the Danube Promenade. The City Park is also a great spot for some peaceful alone time before eating at a local restaurant. Enjoy a show at the Hungarian State Opera House or visit the most visited museum in the city, the Museum of Fine Arts. Visit the Szenchenyi Baths and relax with your loved one in the traditional outdoor thermal baths and swimming pools. The Baths are the largest medicinal baths in Europe. The city is busy and bustling during the summer and often hosts numerous concerts, live events and festivals to enjoy. August 20th is the country's biggest national holiday and is celebrated throughout the day, with fireworks in the evening. Wherever you decide to spend your romantic getaway, you will be sure to leave with unforgettable memories of your time together in the magical city.

Also lool at city breaks to Budpaest for some great ideas for your romantic getaway!


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