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Enjoy a Romantic holiday in the capital of Belgium, Bruges

Romance in Bruges

As destinations for a romantic holiday go, Bruges is among the most beautiful cities to visit in the world. With a distinctly international attitude but authentic aesthetic, Bruges is a cultural metropolis that is full of museums, stunning architecture and treats for the tastebuds. Choosing the right holiday apartment for your stay will make your stay comfortable and enjoyable and while many of them keep with the classic exterior of the city, they are thoroughly modern inside, making them perfect for your romantic getaway with your parnter.

Cruise along the canals outside your Bruges holiday apartment

Surrounded by rivers which conglomerate into canals which run through the city, Bruges lends itself to canalside cruises. Sitting on a boat, you can learn about the city and key landmarks and really take in your surroundings, weaving through the heart of the city as your guide provides you with interesting insights into the culture and history of this iconic city. After a boat ride, exploring on foot you will come across some breathtaking landmarks. Your first stop should be Belfry and Halle where you will find an imposing bell tower that dominates the main square. Climb to the top and you will be rewarded with a view over the city, alongside the sight of the 47 bells of the tower.

Head back down and make your way to the Basilica of Holy Blood to see the amazingingly ornate altar and the relic of Christ’s blood from the Holy Land which is displayed on Fridays. Next up, the Liberty of Bruges or old law courts is worth passing by as well, before you walk to the Groenige Museum and take in the excellent collection of Belgian artwork. From neoclassical pieces to modern styles too, the exhibition will really give you a feel for the artistic flair of Belgium which flourished due to the wealth of its inhabitants. Purchasing a Bruges City Card will give you discounts to most of the major attractions and transport too so you can save some money for the restaurants that Bruges has to offer.

Romantic days out with that special someone

If you are looking for a really romantic day-out, Loppem Caste just outside the city is a stunning neo-gothic stately home with extensive gardens. Embark on a horse and carriage trip through the city centre and finish your afternoon up with one of Belgium’s dark or white beers, of which there are plenty to try. One of the reasons that Bruges is so loved for romantic trips is the high quality of dining establishments here, which takes cues from French and Dutch culture alongside a tendency to serve generous portions. Stoverij is a hearty beef casserole cooked in beer and Mussels are another favourite, as is all seafood in Belgium. As the sun sets, sophisticated Cocktail bars are the place to be where you can reminisce over old times and toast to the future alike. Bruges is a beautiful city that was practically made for romantic city breaks. Stay in one of the Bruges Apartments for a truly unforgettable stay and take home some fond memories of this classy city with that special someone.


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