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A romantic holiday to Aruba

Aruba - island of love and happiness!

Find your romantic holiday getaway home in the Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba and fall in love all over again! This paradise is one of the most romantic islands in the Caribbean. Whether you are looking to fall for each other again or rekindle the spark, this tropical island is the perfect holiday destination. Take a break from your daily routine and enjoy the incredible romantic moments. Find your romantic luxury apartment on this beautiful ABC island and bath in the sun and warmth of love!

Whatever romantic experiences you seek, you will definitely find them right here in Aruba. Amazing cuisines, crystal clear warm waters, sandy white beaches and stunning sunsets await you! CASAMUNDO offers a wide variety of cosy holiday homes in the different cities of Aruba with each guaranteeing unique atmospheres and experiences! The beautiful island caters for all sorts of enthusiast. Whether it be water sports, outdoor fun or exploring a new culture - you will surely find something at this holiday resort that you will enjoy! With 365 days of sunshine yearly guaranteed, Aruba is one of the most irresistible Caribbean holiday destinations.

There are many stunning beaches in Aruba which are waiting to be discovered. The top beaches within close proximity to CASAMUNDO accommodations are: Palm Beach, Eagle Beach, Surfside Beach (Oranjestad), Hadicurari Beach, Arashi Beach, Boca Catalina and Malmok Beach (Noord)
Seeking for a laid-back holiday in Aruba? Venture out. Take your partner to the beach and enjoy a lazy sunny afternoon, sun-kissed glows or romantic evening walks whilst enjoying the beautiful sunset scenery. Since Aruba has many beautiful beaches, go on a beach adventure and hop from one beach to another and discover Aruba’s hidden gems! Seize this opportunity and partake in a luxury sailing cruise, snuggle up whilst admiring the beautiful scenery and enjoy the evening with a sunset dinner on the beach. The adventurous couples also can find perfect snorkelling and diving spots in Aruba – dive hand in hand into the crystal-clear water and enjoy the underwater views. This exotic paradise awaits you with open arms! Visit Aruba’s capital city Oranjestad, another popular tourist holiday resort. Every Tuesday night, Aruba holds the Bon Bini Festival which translates “welcome” in Papiamento (one of the local languages of this island). Nowhere else can you experience Aruba’s unique culture and traditions. Browse through the local art works for greater understanding of the islands heritage or watch the Aruban dancers lose themselves to the beat of the drums in their splendid costumes. Tradition oblige: don’t forget to try the local cuisines. Plunge into an unusual adventure and visit Aruba’s Donkey Sanctuary. Admire the beautiful architecture and let the charming atmosphere mesmerise you! Aruba offers a cove in Arikok National Park for the hikers. You can also take a romantic stroll and enjoy the breath-taking view. The park is also home to the islands oldest paintings. Finally, close the deal with a gift of a lifetime! With endless jewellery shops, Aruba is among the best holiday resorts to find the perfect seal of love. Aruba is sure to provide indelible experiences, no matter how much time you spend at our CASAMUNDO holiday rental apartments.

Romantic things to do in Aruba

Explore San Nicolas Aruba's cultural capital! Known as "Sunrise City", it is second largest city of this tropical island. Here you will encounter authentic Caribbean flavour. With unique charm and activities, the city boast of unique history, calypso music, carnivals and much more!  Visit the Carubbian Festival (a mini-carnival) which runs every Thursday for vibrant entertainment. The Butterfly is very popular among the locals - here you will have an amazing encouter with natural beauty. And if you are after the adrenaline rush of a life time - Skydive in the One Happy Island. Rent a car and explore Aruba or horse-ride into the beautiful sunset. End your day with authentic Aruban local cuisine!


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