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The perfect romantic getaway awaits you in Luzern

Book your ideal romantic getaway to the stunning Luzern!

Switzerland harmoniously combines the cultures, cuisine and landscapes from Germany, France and Italy. It is therefore a perfect travel destination, as it is so diverse and has plenty to see and do and you get to experience the atmosphere of three countries in one. Switzerland is also blessed with the unspoilt beauty of the Alps. With an abundance of history, rich art, and modern culture, Lake Lucerne really has it all. The city of Luzern itself is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. White-walled, tiled-roof townhouses crowd together on the water’s edge to create a romantic setting for your getaway to Luzern.

Beautiful views await you in Luzern

If you travel outside of the city, you can enjoy the Alpine panoramas from a boat, or from one of the hiking trails that score the mountainsides. Both you and your partner can raise your adrenaline through extreme sports, or if you are want a more relaxed time, golf in a picturesque valley. There are many smaller towns and villages around the lakeside that can also be discovered. Further inland, you can discover villages untouched by tourism that seem to be preserved in a bubble of authenticity.

‘Must do’ activities on your romantic break

The most romantic things to do in Luzern in our opinion:
- Relax and unwind around the turquoise blue waters of the lake,
- Take a romantic walk hand in hand around the stunning serenity of the quaint town
- Explore the historical mountains together, make wishes in the numerous fountains and take some cute selfies!


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