Gorgeous poolside holiday homes in Turkey

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Gorgeous poolside holiday homes in Turkey

Unwind in Turkey by the pool

Booking a villa in Turkey with a nice big pool is great, you get to have it privately to yourself or share one with others. If you choose to have a private one then you don’t have to share with anyone else meaning no mad rush to reserve a sun lounger before they´re all gone and you can decide exactly at what time of day you want to use it. Whether it´s in the early hours where the sun´s just starting to wake up and rise or in the afternoon when the suns warm glow is slowly melting through or in the early evening when the sun´s just going down and you can just glimpse its last rays coming over the horizon. It makes the perfect setting for all occasions, family fun with the kids, a relaxing day absorbed in a book that transports you to a whole new world or a romantic evening lit under the glow of fairy lights.

Home is where the pool is

All the Turkish food is amazing and there´s so much to try in such a short space of time, so you´ll probably end up eating all day and night. One of the great things about having a pool then is that gives you the chance to work off some of those extra calories while refreshing yourself and not sweating at all, however remember not to go swimming on a too full stomach. If you aren’t a fan of the sand and crowds, then having your own pool is another great benefit. Everything’s right there that you could possibly need in your holiday villa so no need to go looking for the toilets or where to buy drinks in the blazing heat, instead you have complete flexibility

What to discover in Turkey

If you can tear yourself away from the poolside of your holiday home in Turkey, then there are some great places to go and explore in Turkey too. One of them is Ankara the capital city, it´s filled with ancient and historic museums where you can wander the halls and be absorbed in Turkeys history.
One of the most diverse places to explore where there’s something for everyone in Antalya, from the stunning views of the towering mountains covered in luscious swaths of emerald green to the golden sandy beaches with their glinting aquamarine water. You can climb the mountains and discover hidden ancient ruins that stand the test of time and see the magnificent panoramic views or swim and sail through the crystal-clear blue sea that sparkles and twinkles in the sunlight.

Or you can explore the city´s old quarter and step through a time portal back into the ancient civilisations past with the never-ending twisting streets, frozen in time historic structures, the Roman gates still safeguarding the city and the old city walls that never fall.

Happiness comes in waves by the Turkish seas

If you love water more than anything and having a gorgeous holiday rental with a pool isn’t enough, a great place to go to is Marmaris. Its crystal clear turquoise waters are perfect to delve into and feel the cool prickle of the water. There are many things to do, you could take a boat tour on one of the colourful wooden boats that slowly float along to the neighbouring villages and explore the picturesque bays.

For a true bit of extra history, an amazing place to go is Bodrum. It was once home to the Mausoleum which was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, it also has the Castle of St. Peter which was built in 1402 by the Knights of Hospitaller. Once you’ve finished a long day of exploring the wonderful different worlds in Turkey you can go back to your Turkish holiday home for a relaxing dip in the pool to wash away the days heat and unwind.


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