Book a holiday home in Sweden with a pool!

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Book a holiday home in Sweden with a pool!

Frozen magical lands, castles, cosy cottages in the woods and breathtaking archipelagos. Sweden is one of the most peaceful countries in Europe and when you book a holiday home in Sweden you can experience full relaxation from Gothenburg to Malmö Booking a holiday home with a pool in Sweden is possible in spring or summer with the choice of an outside or an indoor pool or sauna.

Holiday home with a pool in Sweden means you will have access to traditions:

All Saints’ Day is a day of dignity and reflection in Sweden. The idea is lighting candles on the family graves and it creates a beautiful scenery. Halloween is a relatively new addition to Sweden’s yearly celebrations. With Celtic roots, this tradition is best known for the American-style pumpkin decorations and trick or treat customs, both of which Swedes have also adopted. Whether you rent a holiday home with a swimming pool or sauna in Sweden you will have the opportunity to engage in some Swedish traditions.


Sweden is very environmentally friendly and sustainability is very important. Whether you wish to stay in a cottage, check out the city scene or go to a “loppis”, possibly the most important word to know on a trip. The perfect way to end your evening in Sweden could be to relax in your own jacuzzi or a relaxing swim in your very own private swimming pool.

- Go for a swim in Malmö
- Follow the trail to Gotland
- Check out a music festival
- Explore the archipelago
- Visit the capital
- Pick berries in Dalarna
- Go hiking by Höga Kusten
- Catch the midnight sun
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- Art in Sweden, Swedish food, architecture


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