Book a holiday villa in Portugal with a pool!

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Book a holiday villa in Portugal with a pool!

Nothing could be better than a trip to Portugal to enjoy the sun, sea and the beautiful scenery. Whether you stay in the town, where you can experience the breathtaking views of Lisbon, or in the quiet countryside, where you can enjoy the serenity of the Portuguese landscape – everywhere is blissful. All year round, the climate is particularly mild, and maybe very hot in summer.

Book your stay in Northern Portugal

If you want to discover the North, the mountainous landscape of the region is worth a visit. Did you know that it was possible to go engage in winter sports in Portugal? If this unique experience tempts you, go to Serra da Estrela! After skiing or hiking in the mountains, you will have the opportunity to rest by bathing in the private swimming pool of your residence. So, after the various tourist visits, you can easily relax while enjoying local cuisine such as the Bacalhau a bras, the caldeirada or the Francesinha if you are more fond of meat than fish.

Your stay with a swimming pool in Porto

The city of Porto is also located in northern Portugal. Known worldwide for the wine of the same name, a must to taste during your stay. You can enjoy a colorful stay in the Douro valley. You will walk between terraces of cafes on small picturesque squares. The city center of Porto is a UNESCO World Heritage Site! Water is omnipresent in this city, with the river Rio Douro and the proximity of the ocean, but opportunities to bathe are rarer. In villa rental with swimming pool you can enjoy the Portuguese climate and relax after a long day of walking through the narrow streets of Porto!

Your holidays in Lisbon, from visits to the city to hours of fun swimming!

Do you want to discover the Portuguese capital? A holiday rental in Lisbon will allow you to actively complete your stay, even if it lasts several weeks. Between visits to the historical heritage such as the famous Tour de Belém or the Jeronimos Monastery, but also the Castle St Georges, and the walks in its old cobbled streets, you will not see the time pass! You can enjoy the swimming pool of your villa or your residence to relax or to enjoy the joys of swimming in fresh water. You can indeed enjoy the joys of swimming in the ocean, but be aware that the temperature will be cooler and the waves rather high. Portugal is therefore an ideal country for holidays dedicated to surfing and other water sports on the water, but swimming in the Atlantic is not always advisable for children. You can enjoy the small coves with white sand beaches of the city of Cascais, close to Lisbon and accessible by public transport.

The charm of the Algarve

For your next vacation in Portugal, you can also be seduced by the turquoise waters and pristine coastline of the Algarve. This region includes the two famous cities of Faro and Albufeira, in the extreme south of Portugal. During your stay in the Algarve, you discover a certain face of Portugal, with its cultural influences of Morocco. Lagos for example, to the west of the region, is a charming port city built by the Moors. In addition, beautiful hiking trails await you at Cap St Vincent or on the island of Culatra. During your stay in the Algarve you can discover its capital, Silves, with various cultural influences. The town has also been erected by the Moors but also features elements of Roman culture with its ancient bridge.


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