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Book a holiday villa in Malta with a pool!

The Maltese archipelago is located at the crossroads of the maritime routes of the Mediterranean. It is considered the smallest state in Europe with its 313 km², of which 246 km² for the main island of Malta. Its landscape, its culture and its architecture are the witnesses of the imprints left by the different civilizations that marked the island. A stay in Malta promises to be rich in discoveries and emotions. In addition, Malta is a destination that presents a wide choice of holiday rentals!

Unmissable monuments during your visit to the island of Malta

During your holiday in Malta, you should really visit some of its historical monuments. Here lie also the most important megalithic monuments in Europe. The Knights of Order are also an integral part of the history of Malta. The traces of their passage are visible here and there in the village like Fort Ricasoli, which is a real stone vessel seen from the sea, as well as the fort of the town of Rinella. You can also take a stroll through the cities of Victoria and Mellieha, and lose yourself in streets lined with colorful and somewhat quirky villas by the sea. As for the capital city of Valletta, an exciting city of art that is definitely worth a visit. The islands of the archipelago, such as Gozo, the second largest island in the archipelago, are also magnificent and will make you feel even more in the middle of the sea.

Whether it is a house, an apartment or a villa with a swimming pool, the walls are made of globigérine, limestone of a light golden colour which hardens in contact with the air. This material gives a reddish color to the apartment, home or villa when exposed to sunlight. Still in terms of architecture, the Maltese heritage is also characterised by the corbelled window or Bow-Window. The ensemble offers a magnificent landscape and an unobstructed view, which has served as a setting for several films such as James Bond. To make the most of this charming area of Malta, you can opt for a villa rental with terrace pool, where you can enjoy the view of the Mediterranean from the pool!

Different activities - relax during your stay in Malta

After your walks in the cities of Mellieha, Valletta and Victoria or a visit to Fort Ricasoli, you definitely need to relax. Especially in summer, the temperature reaches 40 ° C, which makes it necessary to take a dip in the sea or in the swimming pool. When choosing a house or apartment in Malta, do not expect long white sandy beaches. On the other hand, the coasts have many wild coves for swimming. Numerous caves also make up the landscape of the island like the Hypogee of Hal Saflieni or the Blue Cave.

Malta is home to a wide variety of underwater fauna and flora. Diving is part of the water sports that are practiced throughout the year. The most ideal place to go to is Gozo which is off Malta. During your dives you will also see underwater arches and tunnels such as the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum. There are also a multitude of underwater caves that resemble the Blue Cave. If you prefer water activities in the open air, go for sailing. You can easily find boats for hire and sailing lessons for beginners. And during your stay in Gozo, enjoy nature the nature while hiking or cycling.


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