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Book a holiday villa in Italy with a pool!

Holiday rentals with pools in the north of Italy: Tuscany, Piedmont and the Italian Alps

Between a holiday cottage on Italian lakes, a house with sea views or a ski apartment in the Alps, the hard part will be choosing from our huge variety of Italian holidays with pools! For a large family, couple, group, and visiting alone, Italy is an ideal holiday destination.
The north of Italy is popular for its rolling countryside and mountains. The Alps are home to the best ski resorts in Europe, renowned for their altitude and landscapes, such as the Mont Blanc. By choosing holiday accommodation at the bottom of the slopes, you will discover the Italian valleys, such as the Valle d'Aosta. While staying in Italy, spend some time in Siena where you can not only discover the city but also attend its famous equestrian race: the Palio.
Discover Tuscany and enjoy one of the charming holiday rentals located in medieval villages. Whether it is in a house near the Saturnia terms for a wellness holiday or an apartment in the center of Florence, you can discover the region in all its richness, both in terms of landscape and historical heritage.

Your holidays between sea and pool in Italy

On the Adriatic coast you can enjoy the mild and sunny climate for swimming in your private pool or in the Mediterranean. This sea is really popular with families, because unlike the Atlantic Ocean, the current is rather weak and the beach descends gradually. But to enjoy the hot temperatures until late in the evening, there’s nothing better than booking a villa with swimming pool for a swim in the moonlight!
A region worthy of a postcard, from nature with shimmering color to turquoise blue sea and green mountains, Liguria offers an idyllic landscape. Whatever you choose, villa or cottage with a swimming pool, you will enjoy your holidays in Italy by choosing Liguria. While enjoying the sea, you can discover the capital of Liguria, Genoa. With Milan and Turin, it forms the industrial network of the north of Italy and is known for its importance in the fields of technology and science but also fashion and sport: indeed, it is considered the home of Italian football.
On the Italian coast and Sicily, discover the volcanoes of Italy! Many of these unusual sites can be climbed to admire the crater: Etna in Sicily, Vesuvius near Rome, Stromboli off Sicily.

Rome: the heart of Italy

Rome is the capital of Italy and remains very popular. Between historical tours of ancient ruins and tasting of Italian specialties, your holiday will be well filled. With an apartment or villa rental with swimming pool in Rome you can discovery multiple places in one day such as the Vatican City, the Colosseum, the Campo de 'Fiori, or the Palatine Hill ...
Rome is also known for being the setting for many films, notably the Dolce Vita or Roma de Fellini. On holiday in the Italian capital you can admire the famous Trevi fountain, but also the Via Veneto, the Italian equivalent of the Champs-Elysées, and finally the Castel Sant'Angelo. The countryside around Rome is also very popular with tourists. If you choose one of the villas in the Roman suburbs, you can enjoy a view from the terrace and have some peace and quiet: an ideal environment for a relaxing holiday.
Thanks to its thousand-year-old history and magnificent landscapes, Italy offers exceptional stays with a large choice of accommodation. With its holiday rentals, whether you are in Piedmont, Puglia, Rimini, Umbria, Sicily, Campania ... you are free to discover this country as you please; free to keep your habits without worrying about schedules.


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