Book a villa in Greece with a pool!

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Book a villa in Greece with a pool!

Your holiday in Greece: discover the cultural heritage and relax by the water

Greece is country full of myths and magic, lying in Eastern Europe, whose culture and ancient history, still have an impact on our daily lives. Moreover, Greece is a country with remarkable geography, comprising about 9000 islands and islets which occupy almost a third of the territory. If you are on holiday in Greece for a week or more, you can also the mountains or the beach and go hiking, swimming or even both when you opt for a holiday rental with swimming pool. Whether in the Peloponnese or in the middle of the sea, a villa booking in Greece will allow you to have a relaxing and rewarding holiday - especially with a pool!

Your stay in Athens in a holiday villa with a swimming pool

The largest city of Greece is Athens. It is a very popular destination with its ancient buildings, including the sacred hill called Acropolis. Its climate is constantly pleasant, sometimes very hot and dry. During the summer period, the temperature varies on average from 17 to 34 degrees, but it can reach 40 degrees!  So a swimming pool to hand is a very sensible idea. The beaches of the capital are very popular, the most famous of which are Glyfada, Vouliagmeni and Lagonisi. But to enjoy swimming in the city or simply in a private setting, the rentals with swimming pools offer a good compromise after a sightseeing tour in the capital. The weather in Greece is perfect for relaxing underwater and for lengths of a pool, especially during particularly hot months from July to September. Greece is a fairly undulating country: so many destinations will allow you to enjoy an unobstructed view from your pool terrace.

Your holiday on the Greek islands

To enjoy the beach or pools in peace, booking a villa by the water is the most popular accommodation in Greece. Among other things, a beachside rental with swimming pool in Methana will offer a real moment of relaxation and well-being after your visits to the rich heritage. Or if you want to spend your stay in the capital, Crete, or even in the Cyclades, nothing is more pleasant than choosing a holiday home with pool. Your vacation on an island in the heart of the Aegean will be your opportunity to live your own Odyssey! Crete, the island of Evia, Lesbos and Rhodes are the largest in size and attract many holidaymakers every year. The latter has a remarkable heritage, because it is at the same time bearer of a medieval and ancient heritage. You can also book accommodation on the island of Santorini. This Greek island belongs to a volcanic archipelago: you will find there surprising beaches of black sand and cliffs steep and carved by the time in Vlichada. The ancient lava flows of the island are very impressive to see! In Crete, you can combine the pleasures of swimming, hiking in the mountains and visiting the historical heritage, in Chania, for example.

Greece, to be discovered from all angles

Mykonos is a tourist island belonging to the Cyclades family. It is a perfect destination to enjoy the sun all year round, thanks to its Mediterranean climate. The season from May to October is the most idea time to visit. Apart from the diversity of Greek cuisine, the atmosphere and the weather are always good for swimming. The same is true for a holiday in Corfu, a charming Greek island full of secrets, surrounded by paradisiacal landscapes and perfect for romantic stays. The warm, dry climate on this emerald island is suitable for diving into the water after strolling along the wonderful beaches. There are many advantages if you decide to spend some time in Greece, if only to see the site of Delphi or the Meteora.


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