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Book a holiday home in Germany with a pool!

Rentals with pools in Germany

Germany has many regions where you can book a house or apartment with pool: from north to south, from the Black Forest to Rostock, there are many areas to discover. Germany is a country with varied landscapes and cities with rich historical, cultural and architectural heritage. For a weekend, you can rent an apartment with private swimming pool in the residence in one of the major German cities such as Munich, Hamburg, Berlin. For a week or two you can go to nature destinations such as Sylt, Mecklenburg or the heart of the Black Forest: Germany is full of beautiful unspoiled regions to explore by hiking or biking!

Your apartment with a swimming pool in Berlin: enjoy the international city in the best conditions

Both cosmopolitan and extremely interesting from the historical point of view, the capital of Germany is worth a visit during your stay in this country. If you want to be close to the center, you can easily explore the historical sites such as the famous Brandenburg Gate or the famous wall along the East Side Gallery.

For a moment of relaxation, visitors and locals go to the Tiergarten to skate in winter or to sunbathe in summer. The summer season can be particularly hot in Berlin, due to the continental climate of Germany and especially its capital to the east of the country. A holiday apartment with a swimming pool in Berlin is therefore a wise idea for holidays in the best conditions. During your trip to the Tiergarten, this huge park in the heart of the city, do not miss the Siegessäule: a high column that carries at its top a statue of the goddess Victoire, commemorating the Prussian victories.

Berlin's nightlife is also very lively thanks to its numerous bars and clubs. Berlin is indeed one of the best European cities for its festivities and their quality. The electro scene is particularly strong, including the "Berghain” club. Booking an apartment with swimming pool in the district of Kreuzberg, you will be ideally located to make the most of the outings!

The open sea air on the Baltic coast and the North Sea

The seaside resorts along the Baltic Sea and the North Sea attract many tourists in summer. For example, you might want to discover the historic heart of Lübeck, which is home to many famous landmarks such as Holstentor. This coastal town of Schleswig-Holstein also has beautiful beaches where the kite surfers are kings.

You can also stay by the Großer Plöner See, which is the largest lake in Schleswig-Holstein for water sports. But the temperature of the lake remains cool, even in the full heart of summer. To fully enjoy the joys of swimming, booking a villa with a swimming pool is all recommended. From your terrace you can enjoy the view of the unspoilt countryside of Schleswig-Holstein: surely the best combination for a relaxing stay!

The other German coast is also suitable for enjoying the open sea. The coast on the west side, which stretches from Sylt to Leer, overlooks the North Sea. This coast is also popular with surfers with the seaside resort of Sankt Peter-Ording. Many holiday makers choose this city for their holiday at the sea or for a weekend, to enjoy its endless white sandy beach. The island of Sylt will also offer remarkable landscapes to discover on foot or by bike, in order to better observe the animal and vegetable species, especially its sea birds. Close to the west coast, but a little inland, you can also discover the large German cities of Bremen and Hamburg.

The Black Forest, a popular holiday destination in Germany

The Black Forest, in the south-west of Germany, is a remarkable natural place in Germany. With its mountains and its large forest massif which stretches over 9000 km², it offers many possibilities for activities for a varied holiday. This area is very popular with holidaymakers for its hiking trails but also for winter sports such as downhill skiing.


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