Book a holiday home in France with a pool!

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Book a holiday home in France with a pool!

This year, why not opt for the beauty and diversity of  France? If you want to have a really fun holiday with the whole family, you can choose to book a holiday villa with a swimming pool. You can book a villa with a swimming pool in the south of France, or on the famous French Riviera or choose a chalet with indoor swimming pool, to relax after a long day of skiing in the winter!

Visit the south of France

In whatever season you decide to go your holiday, in the south of France, you will experience high temperatures and beautiful landscapes. In summer, water activities are almost impossible to avoid in the Côte d'Azur and Corsica. To make the most of the sunshine and unrivaled beaches of the Côte d'Azur or Corsica, swimming is a must! If you are going on holiday with young children or amongst friends, a villa rental with a swimming pool will surely be ideal. You can keep an eye on the younger ones whilst they swim and enjoy the private space reserved for you and your loved ones! In the south of France, Corsica and Provence, you can even find villas with a swimming pool and terrace overlooking the sea! Warm temperatures will allow you to enjoy your pool until late at night or very early in the morning!

Your holiday home with a pool on the Atlantic coast

Brittany is a region highly valued by visitors for the beauty of its landscapes and its preserved and atypical nature, such as the pink granite coast or the island of Bréhat. In Brittany, you can engage in many activities near your holiday home such as sailing on the Atlantic or hiking on the high cliffs in the Côtes d'Armor, following the coastal paths for example! As for swimming, you can of course take a dip in the Atlantic – if you dare! The Atlantic is ideal for surfing and other water sports. Many holiday houses in Brittany are equipped with swimming pools, to enjoy swimming in safety and warmth! The same is true for the Atlantic coast as a whole and more particularly for staying in Aquitaine and the French Basque country.

Holidays in the mountains - enjoy your stay in a chalet

If you have decided to go to the mountains, in the Alps for example, why not book a chalet rental with swimming pool? You will be able to relax after a long day spent skiing or another winter sport. You can also find open pools where the water is maintained at 30 degrees or more, directly overlooking the mountains! In summer, you can also rent an apartment or a gîte with a swimming pool to relax after long walks or mountain biking in the Pyrenees or in Jura!


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