Book a holiday home in Denmark with a pool!

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Book a holiday home in Denmark with a pool!

If you are planning a holiday in Denmark, you should consider renting a holiday home with pool. So, you can swim at any time and don’t have to go to the beach. Nature lovers, who like to discover the country at their own pace, enjoy all that Denmark has to offer.
Family holiday in Denmark with your very own pool

Denmark is considered one of the happiest countries in the world. Here you can spend a relaxing holiday with the whole family, the friends and even with the dog! Especially in a holiday house with a pool. You only have to decide beforehand whether you prefer the Baltic Sea or the North Sea. The sea is always close by, because no place is more than 50 kilometers from the coast. And whether you are looking for a holiday home for several people with lots of space or with luxury facilities, the choice of pool houses in Denmark is great.

In Denmark there are numerous possibilities to spend your holidays actively. For cycling, this country is ideal, because there are almost no mountains, but 10,000 kilometers of marked cycle paths. Anglers also get their money's worth in Denmark. You only have to pack your fishing rod and have a fish on the hook after a short time. Sailing or surfing is also possible on the Baltic Sea or the North Sea. If you want to swing the golf club, then the nearest golf course is not far from your holiday home. There are about 200 golf courses in Denmark and you pay one of the lowest green fees in Europe. Even with hiking or horseback riding you can spend a lot of time on holiday in Denmark. For an active holiday it is perhaps also interesting to book a holiday house with sauna. There you can relax and experience the experiences of the day.

Enjoy your holiday with your own swimming pool

A popular holiday island is located in the Danish Baltic Sea. Bornholm has a lot of hours of sunshine thanks to its location. Here you will find endless beaches, steep cliffs and of course the whitewashed round churches. You should also visit the Bornholmer Kunstmuseum from your holiday home.

The island of Rømø is located in Southwest Jutland. It is located in the Wattenmeer and is also a popular holiday destination. Here you can take long walks on the beach with the family. In addition, you can go to Römö very good beach sailing and buggy kiting.

The beach of Marielyst on the island of Falster has been voted the best bathing beach in Denmark. The Danish islands can be reached even after a short sea voyage from Rostock or Puttgarden in Germany.

Also in the tip of Denmark in North Jutland there are many holiday houses with pool, where you can spend nice days. There are wide white beaches, huge dunes and steep coastlines. In Denmark, there is also the largest forest, the Rold Skov. You can still experience unspoiled nature in Denmark's largest and first Thy national park.


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