Book a holiday home in Cyprus with a pool!

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Book a holiday home in Cyprus with a pool!

Whatever the season, Cyprus provides a great opportunity to experience something new and exciting such as events, water sports activities, customs and places that are unique and special to the island. When you rent a Cyprus holiday home with a pool you can access all of this easily.

Holiday homes in Nicosia

The capital of the Republic of Cyprus, Nicosia, is the centre of the island and is also its cultural heartbeat. By renting a holiday villa or holiday apartment in Nicosia you will be able to access all the historical sites that Cyprus has to offer whilst being in the middle of a vibrant capital.
Booking a holiday rental in Nicosia with a pool is highly recommended because the city can reach incredibly high temperatures in the summer months, and because Nicosia is not located directly next to the sea it is not easy just to pop down to the sea shore. As well as having the advantage of all the amenities you could possibly want in Nicosia when you book a holiday home with a pool – you also have lots of tourist attractions in your vicinity. You can see the Venetian Walls and also visit the Cyprus museum. The Chrysaliniotissa quarter is very much worth a visit, with its untouched streets and terraced houses. Being in the centre of the island also means that this is where some of the best bars and restaurants lie. So, after an afternoon of fun in your holiday home with a pool you can go out in the evening for some dinner and a drink!

Rentals with pools in Limassol

Limassol, or Lemesos as is now known as, is one of Cyprus’ most underrated cities. It is Cyprus’ international business centre and has a lot to offer families as much as solo travelers. Limassol is a cosmopolitan seaside destination and when you rent a holiday home in Limassol with a pool then you’ll have access to the Limassol wine villages, the Limassol Marina and the Limssol castle. The nightlife in Limassol is just as good as the food. Fresh Mediterranean dishes can be enjoyed at restaurants in Limassol as well as international cuisine. You also have the option if you rent a holiday home with a pool in Larnaca that you can prepare your own cuisine.

Explore Larnaca and end your day with an evening swim

With its palm tree promenade luring thousands of visitors year in and year out, there’s something special about the sleepy region of Larnaca, and you can experience this too when you book a holiday home here. Larnaca has plenty of advantages, such as it being the perfect place for a seaside walk because of its newly revamped coastal quarter. The town is also full of history, as it was built upon the ancient city of Kition. Wander through the winding backstreets in the old Turkish quarter and you’ll discover workshops with artisans busy designing a whole range of designs. The Larana Salt Lake also makes a great photography opportunity.

Relax and rejuvanate in Paphos

Paphos lies on the western coast of Cyprus and its harbour surrounded by a vibrant mix of modern tourism and Greek mythological heritage. Booking a holiday home with a pool in Paphos is a great idea if you want to be situated near to lots of tourist sights and romantic sights. There are beautiful beaches and lots of nightlife in this region, so when you have had enough of enjoying your time in your holiday home with your own pool then then you will have plenty to do in this region.


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