Bulgarian holiday rentals with a pool

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Bulgarian holiday rentals with a pool

Just keep swimming

There’s is nothing more luxurious than lying back on a sun lounger and relaxing by your very own pool or shared pool by your Bulgarian holiday apartment while you’re on holiday. Pick up a good book and let yourself be transported into another world while sipping an ice – cold lemonade. Then when the fiery hot rays of the sun get too much jump in the gorgeously tempting clear blue waters of the pool to cool you down and feel yourself relax and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Or on the other hand if you’re on holiday with the family and the kids then lie back and relax while they play in the pool and can splash and make as much noise as they like without disturbing anyone. You don’t need to worry about what times best to go, finding sun loungers or if you’ve brought all the right things because your lovely pool is just on the doorstep of your Bulgarian holiday home.

Home is where the pool is

If you can drag yourself away from your lovely pool for a few hours and explore there are some gorgeous places in Bulgaria to see. For example, an amazing place by the North of the Black Sea is Varna, it is ideal for history lovers, culture vultures and beach lovers. It is filled with gorgeous crumbling Roman bathhouses in candy colours and fascinating architecture to explore.

If, however you want somewhere more nature orientation with gorgeous picturesque landscape then a great place is the legendary City of the Tsars in Veliko Tarnovo which is built on the rising hills of Bulgaria’s Northern Mountains with the Yantra River at the bottom. Dainty little terracotta coloured houses are dotted all over the hill and reflect in the gorgeous blue waters below. The houses are filled with mazes of cobblestone lanes between them. From a holiday home here, you have stunning views of the houses below you and the gorgeous river as you sit by your pool in your holiday apartment in Bulgaria.


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