Book a holiday home in the UK with a pool!

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Book a holiday home in the UK with a pool!

Holiday accommodation in the UK - pool included

Whether you are searching for a pool in the south west, the south east or even in the north of England, we offer a wide range of holiday homes with pools with all the amenities you could ever need. With many of our homes located in the countryside, you can sit back and enjoy the view of the countryside after bathing in your pool, or go for a morning swim and watch the English sunrise. If an inside pool is more your cup of tea, not a problem, there are also plenty available. Perfect for relaxing, having fun or keeping fit our cottages with swimming pools provide entertainment for everyone. With both indoor and outdoor pools available we have something for all seasons.

Explore the South West of England

The south west of England is a beautiful region of England full of greenery and sandy beaches. Booking a holiday home here with a pool means that you will be surrounded by places such as Cornwall, Devon and Bath. The South West is one of the sunniest regions in England and it also offers plenty of festivals and outdoor activities. So, when you aren’t splashing around in your very own pool on holiday you can explore the surrounding area.

Book a stay in South East England

The south East of England has just as much to offer as the West. Windsor, Oxford, Brighton and Bournemouth are some of the most popular places to visit in England, and are easily accessible when you book holiday accommodation with a pool. This region blends festivals, culture, history and breathtaking scenery. You'll never be short of entertainment with award winning destinations to explore for all budgets and tastes, even on a rainy day. And when it does rain – no matter- you can stay in your holiday home with an inside pool.

The North of England with a pool

When you visit the North of England you’ll be able to enjoy the Lake district, the Peak district and the Cumbrian countryside. Enjoy the stunning scenery and charm of Northumberland, visit Yorkshire's coastline dotted with traditional seaside holiday gems. Booking holiday accommodation in the Northern-England with a pool is great for families and couples alike -whether you want an inside pool or outside pool.


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