Book holiday accomodation in Switzerland with a pool!

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Book holiday accomodation in Switzerland with a pool!

Switzerland is a beautiful country in the heart of Europe, but it is not part of the European Union. However, it has adopted the Schengen Convention, and you will be able to cross the border without a problem provided you present a valid passport or ID to get to your holiday accommodation. It is preferable to organize your stay well in advance if you want to visit the big Swiss cities. The cities are often very busy because they host important events, such as the festival of laughter in Montreux for example. The points of interest in Switzerland are numerous, to name only a few, the city of Geneva, Lake Geneva or the area of Laax for a holiday in a ski chalet. Whether you are booking a house with friends or with your family, you will find suitable accommodations for your holiday idea. Between hiking, swimming in the private swimming pool of your hiring, or sailing on Lake Geneva, your stay will be rich in diverse activities of relaxation!

Your stay in Switzerland: different activities depending on the season

Although Switzerland has only an area of 41,285 square kilometers, it has a variety of climates. If you go during the autumn or spring, you will have the opportunity to admire the famous Swiss lakes in the calm setting. Lake Geneva and Lake Zurich are the most famous because of their beauty. If you are fond of hiking or mountaineering, consider a summer holiday, to enjoy a milder weather. You will notice that the Swiss landscape is mostly made up of mountains. It is mainly the Alps whose average altitude is 1700 m. Switzerland is also popular with tourists in winter, including the Laax ski area. The latter offers slopes for both amateurs and experts in this sport. As for towns and villages, they are built on the edge of lakes or in valleys like the canton of Valais. You can easily find a cottage or cottage for rent during your holidays. It is very convenient to relax after a tour in the city of Geneva or St Moritz, the famous and cosy ski resort. For a ski holiday in the best comfort, you can book an apartment with several rooms in residence or even a chalet with a view of the slopes in St Moritz, with private pool and sauna. You can even enjoy a good price if you rent a rental for a large group.

Tourist sites not to be missed during your holidays in Switzerland

Around your accommodation with a swimming pool in Switzerland, the tourist sites will not disappoint. In addition to Lake Zürich and Lake Geneva, you can also stroll in the big cities such as St Moritz or Geneva. This one is characterized by the numerous signs of watchmaking. Switzerland is indeed recognized for the know-how of their watchmaking craftsmen. The watches are carefully crafted, so they are even considered as jewelry in their own right. Note that the watchmaking cities of La Chaux-de-Fonds are inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List. Other Swiss sites are listed as World Heritage Sites. These include the old town of Bern, whose charm lies in the architecture of the buildings. On the side of Bellingone, do not miss the three castles as well as the ramparts and the wall of the borough. To recharge your batteries in the evening, you can rent a chalet with a swimming pool in the Alps if you want to climb the mountain or test the slopes of the Laax ski area. You can also find a gîte or a house with private swimming pool in the canton of Valais. You can also reserve a chalet in this region for a holiday immersed in the Swiss landscapes, with a breathtaking view of the surrounding nature!


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