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Book a holiday home in Morocco with a pool!

Your typical villa in Morocco with a swimming pool

Morocco is a country with a most pleasant climate and is an ideal holiday destination in all seasons, especially if you are well housed and if you have a swimming pool at your disposal. You can find different kinds of interesting vacation rentals, often with typical architecture practically all over the country. The cities that represent the most interest remain Casablanca, Fes, Essaouira, Marrakech and Tunis. These cities are among the most visited in Morocco. The holiday homes or rental villas with swimming pools, are also often organised around an inner courtyard and a garden with a quiet and intimate atmosphere. The Mediterranean climate of Morocco and the very dry heat, almost arid in summer, make swimming extremely enjoyable, especially in swimming pool within your vacation rental. You can push the immersion even further by booking a riad rental in the heart of one of the big cities.

Explore the beautiful "Red City" Marrakech

The city of Marrakech is very well known for its tourist places, it is considered as the most beautiful city of Morocco. It has an architecture typical of the Mediterranean countries. It is distinguished from the other cities of the north by its very festive atmosphere, notably on the Jamaa El Fna square, which is to be the most lively place of the city. If you go through Marrakech, you should see the souks of the medina as well as Guéliz which happens to be the main quarter of the latter. You can also visit the Koutoubia mosque, the Toubkal and the Ourika valley. The city is full of riad and small cafeterias and pastries that will surely be the pleasure of the greedy.

Great cities full of history to discover while staying in Morocco

If you choose to book in Morocco, you can also visit Casablanca. Immortalized in the cinema with Humphrez Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, you will find today many traits of this city become mythical. It also offers a pleasant landscape with its mosque and port. You can also visit the medina and the lively central market. It is in the city of Casablanca that you will find the most villas, especially equipped with swimming pools. It faces the Atlantic coast and is prosperous thanks to trade, especially thanks to its port. Casablanca holiday rentals with pools are particularly welcoming with their terraces and courtyard.
Discover Morocco from a holiday rental in Essaouira or Fez

Essaouira is also a very charming city, located on the Atlantic coast and possessing a harbour, it thrives thanks to trade and fishing. It also has a medina, and hosts every year various music festivals with famous and renowned artists. In house rental in Essaouira, you will be immersed in a festive and lively city. Fes is also part of the cities to visit absolutely, it is located slightly towards the center of the country and is considered one of the most welcoming cities of Morocco. You will be able to see its famous castle, its mausoleums and the imposing doors decorated of the city, but also historical ruins, such as those of the palace Bahia. Finally, discover a typical Morocco by visiting the souks or the tanneries.


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